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Corrado Daly is a Cloud Support Engineer. One of his main tasks is to assist work teams on infrastructure issues within projects, as well as attend to any mishaps or incidents that occur in the services. As part of the Tekton team, every detail is essential in achieving successful teamwork. We spoke with Corrado about his recognition as an Amazon Web Services Educate cloud ambassador.

What motivated you to study Computer Engineering?

I’ve always been interested in technology, and in this line of work you can contribute a lot by helping others to understand the advantages of information technology. And there is always a room for experimenting and finding new uses with a classic tool that has rapidly evolved in the last half century: the computer

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

You can use computer resources under the rental mode, meaning you won’t need to buy a server or a supercomputer for certain cases. Consequently, you can have large computer resources with a low budget, allowing you to mitigate economic loss in the case that the project doesn’t perform as well as you had hoped.

How has cloud computing affected the way we work and spend time online?

Society greatly depends on computers and the Internet in order to thrive, and cloud computing has become a significant part of that. Not only is it accessible in terms of cost for small businesses, it also has the ability to grow in dimensions never seen before. The majority of activities we do online—watching movies, online gaming, video conferences, researching and shopping—rely on cloud resources.

What has it meant to you to be recognized among the top five most outstanding cloud ambassadors in the world by Amazon Web Services Educate (AWS Educate)?

It has been extremely gratifying. Ambassadors have the responsibility to share their knowledge and the benefits of technology with their communities, and this recognition has only motivated me more to continue advancing in my work and help others utilize and make the most of the many benefits of cloud computing. 

How has your recognition as an AWS Educate ambassador improved the learning experience of students at PUCP? Has it created more opportunities for them?

The university as a whole has gained visibility, and it has allowed us to incentivize students to find interest in and study technology. It’s also opened doors from a professional and personal development point of view.

Do you believe that the increasing importance of cloud computing has created a greater gap between students of differing socioeconomic backgrounds?

Unfortunately, yes. While cloud computing offers advanced technology at a reasonable cost, it is necessary to have a strong Internet connection in order to access it—and in our country [Peru] quality Internet access is limited, especially in cities and towns that are underdeveloped. 

Does AWS Educate encourage their ambassadors to connect with communities or schools beyond the university in which they work? What kind of resources are provided?

AWS Educate always encourages cloud ambassadors to spread our knowledge of technology, to help individuals and institutions advance in their learning in order to form an academic community. The more educational institutions that are involved, the more enriching the learning experience. The AWS Educate program is open to schools (primarily secondary or highschool level), colleges and universities. 

How have you been able to spread the knowledge and use of cloud computing within the PUCP community and beyond? 

Along with a few other collegiate and business professionals, I have participated in different dissemination activities, training sessions, as well as conferences, both online and virtual. It’s also been important to support educational institutions that want to initiate the use of the AWS Educate program. I’m constantly motivated by the enthusiasm shown by others to meet and learn together. 

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