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Whether working remotely or together in a shared office, it is not easy to maintain organization and synchronicity among even the most dedicated of teams without the help of a communication tool—or two. With technological advancements ticking forward every day, there are countless applications and virtual assistant programs offering to simplify and manage your work. So how to pick the best option for you and your team?

The best online communication tools for your business will allow employees and managers to relay information, manage tasks and seamlessly meet objectives on time. Take a look at our selection of the top 10 communication tools for 2020:

1. Jira

“Jira has positioned itself as the standard tool for managing software projects in all their stages. From the definition of the MVP to the monitoring and validation of the deployment to production.”

Luis Suárez – Software Architect

If your team identifies as a medium to large software company, Jira is an ideal development tool in that it offers absolute flexibility and transparency of the project building process from start to finish. Originally built to track issues or bugs that can be related to your software or applications, Jira has evolved as a powerful management tool to create customized workflows, develop agile software and more. Offering a mobile solution, this development tool allows teams to manage, track, support and assist from a smartphone. 

2. Aha!

A professional online roadmap software, Aha! is at the nexus of what product managers and marketing teams need. Define the what, when and why of a product with this customizable software. Product managers can set strategic goals and initiatives, incorporate business modeling tools, prioritize features, as well as collect and manage ideas. 

The software also allows for marketing teams to coordinate activities, assign tasks, track and streamline the entire process and ultimately plan for success. Integrating over 30 tools for development, collaboration, sales, and support, Aha! allows for dynamic online collaborations and an overall fast product experience.

3. Chanty

Through audio or video calls, Chanty allows collaborating partners and entire teams to stay in contact and share knowledge on any platform or device. Chats, tasks, files and links are organized in a simple interface, allowing you to essentially have the office in your pocket and within reach whenever you need. The business AI-powered communication tool offers more room and faster delivery time for file sharing as compared to competitors, while being one of the more affordable options.

4. GoToMeeting

Quick and user-friendly, GoToMeeting can host thousands of real-time meeting attendees, making it a reliable video-conferencing option for larger businesses, while features like screen sharing, HD video and SSL encryption for security appeal to business tiers that range from small to enterprise level. Schedule a meeting or webinar in a calendar beforehand in order to stay organized and aware of teammates’ time limitations while working remotely.

5. Everhour

“I consider it to be very useful while working remotely because it allows us to measure team performance and, based on that, to be able to propose short-term improvements in development.”

Kevin Acosta – Product Owner

Useful in every environment where you need to measure and track time for tasks, set budgets and alerts, Everhour is an online collaboration tool ideal for managing a remote team. Natively integrating with the project management app of your choice—Trello, Asana, Github and more—the dashboard reveals real-time traffic information for all team members, allowing everyone to be aware of who is working on what and when. 

6. Toggl

“There are too many apps, SaaS and other systems to manage ‘time tracking’ and surely each one has something that the other does not. But what I like about Toggl is its simplicity. You simply create an account, start working and Toggl will accompany you throughout your day. At the end of a day or when a project is completed, review your dashboard to see your productivity level and time spent working to note on your invoice (if you are a freelancer).”

Cyril Pavillard – Director of Training and Transformation

Using a time management tool while working from home or remotely is essential to staying on top of tasks and making efficient use of your time. Well-designed, free and above all easy to use, Toggl will help you achieve just that. Track the use of time dedicated to a specific project, measure the hours invested by team members with enlightening reports—there are numerous time management tools and actions with Toggl. 

7. Creativity 365

Designed for creative professionals and businesses, Creativity 365 is a content creation site that includes five comprehensive, professional applications: Animation Desk, Markup, Pocket Scanner, Write-on Video, and NoteLedge. Increase your visual team’s productivity with this all-encompassing  application that helps you create your own animations, GIFS and storyboards, as well as take notes, save pages as references and scan written and visual documents. The tool includes Kdan’s 1 TB cloud storage option and the action of exporting projects from your smartphone.

8. Dropbox

“The Dropbox application integrates as part of your desktop and allows you to manage all of your files as if they were stored directly on your computer. In addition, options to upload files to the dropbox and to get the share link are easily found with a right click on the document.”

Marco Pizarro – Communication Specialist

If you are looking for a digital storage option that allows you to save and share files, Dropbox belongs in this series of collaborative platforms. With Dropbox you can access all your files from wherever you are without using space on your device. The objective of ​​this digital tool is that you can focus on your main tasks and synchronize with your team. For large teams, Dropbox Business is the ideal workspace to gather collaborators or review the content of a project—and always optimizing each minute of your day.

9. BoostHQ

Whether it’s sharing specific content with different groups or leaving a comment about a certain topic, BoostHQ gives you the opportunity to measure the engagement of shared content. Based on the concept of knowledge exchange or “Knowledge Sharing,” this app allows team members to create different sessions depending on the project they are working on and easily access the platform, from either a mobile device or computer.

10. Gantt Pro

“Typically, Microsoft Project is used to make Gantt charts, but I don’t actually like it because it is very limited and a bit tedious—unlike Gantt Pro.”

Raphael Bravo – Web Developer

A simple online management tool, GanttPRO allows you to visualize project planning by charting personal as well as team tasks. Using real-time collaboration, GanttPRO is ideal for small businesses who find themselves juggling multiple projects at once: structure a project, divide tasks, set deadlines and avoid potential roadblocks. Then, create permission levels to share with team members—and even clients—to begin a smooth trajectory towards completion of the project.

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