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Project X: The Good Out Of The Bad Things

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In each project, the developers go through different experiences… we learn, think, create and above all: we code. In this post, I’ll tell you a bit more about a project that was a real challenge for me and my entire team, let’s call it: "Project X".

10 Advantages of Making a Good Prototype

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A prototype is an easily scalable and modifiable model of a planned system, probably including its interface and its input and output functionality.

In other words, a prototype is a map for the development of an entire system, because in them it’s necessary to pose, represent, demonstrate and simulate all the functionalities that the system will have.

If the prototype is poorly designed or structured, it’s very possible that the system doesn’t respond in the most optimal way or that is not what the client wants.

#JustReleased: SportsVenting App!

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This year we have successfully launched SportsVenting, a social media application where fans are able to “VENT” about the teams they love and hate including the four major professional leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL)  and Division 1 college football and basketball.