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Joining a software development company without having a technical background

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About a year and a half ago I joined Tekton Labs, a company whose core business is software development. As a non-technical person, who loves technology I thought that becoming an IT project manager would be a great but challenging opportunity, and sure enough, it was one!

Dreamstore: The Shop For A Better World!

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Dreamstore is an innovative online platform, powered by Tekton Labs, where you and everyone around can order DreamFutures.

10 Advantages of Making a Good Prototype

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A prototype is an easily scalable and modifiable model of a planned system, probably including its interface and its input and output functionality.

In other words, a prototype is a map for the development of an entire system, because in them it’s necessary to pose, represent, demonstrate and simulate all the functionalities that the system will have.

If the prototype is poorly designed or structured, it’s very possible that the system doesn’t respond in the most optimal way or that is not what the client wants.

Creating a product with non-technical founders

Entrepreneurship, Startup, Software, Development, Software Development

Creating a software product is a complex procedure and requires a mixture of skills to ensure smooth processes. One of them is the technical process. The goal of this post is to help non-technical founders along this path with questions that from my experience could help others when they want to build a product. Some of them failed but others were very successful.


7 Mistakes I made that Strengthened My Software Startup

Entrepreneurship, Startup, Culture, Software, Development, Software Development

All companies are different but, often, the mistakes made in managing them are quite similar. In my case, these are the biggest mistakes I made that strengthed my software Startup and the ones that helped us grow stronger.