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Startups: How to keep you motivated in tough times

In the life cycle of everything, there are good, sad, ugly and a million types of moments. The idea is always to look at the bright side and keep going forward, even when it is really complicated. The aim of this post is to show when and why situations could turn a normal moment into a nightmare, and how, sometimes, the reasons and/or results of those situations are not bad at all but we must be able to manage all of them.


The first stage of a startup.

This could be a nice stage or an ugly one, in our case it was a little bit of everything because we were looking for the first projects and clients, although it was an adventure that we liked. It was really hard to get the first one… we were lucky. It was a constant team effort and everyone understood how critical was to commit.

The growing of a startup.

Always remember that you have more chances to fail in this stage opposed to the first one because here is where mistakes cost more money and have more repercussions. Here's where you need a/some advisor(s) or mentor(s) in order to avoid making more mistakes.

The challenges of the team and culture.

There are only a few people when you start to grow. The first challenge is to keep the company culture at all costs and everything starts with the recruiting process. Here you’ll need someone to focus on restructuring the company to grow over time with certain roles and responsibilities.

The unknown.

Let's be honest, there are many decisions that we'll face with no clear answer, even when asking the mentors/advisors, because that's how life is (sometimes too complicated or we like to make it complicated). We must understand that this is a little bit like being a pioneer, you will go to the unknown and on the way you will figure out many things...in our case things so simple as our own recruiting process.

The communication.

Communication is easy at the beginning but later on this, it will turn out more complicated and challenging for the company. This must be addressed with dedication because it could destroy the culture and team spirit.

What helps when building a Startup:

Talk: Always talk with your team(s), even when you don't know the answers and sometimes not even the questions.

Ask for help: Everyone needs help, avoid wasting time and start asking for it if you need it.

Respect and value: Everyone in the team must value each other’s effort because everyone is important in the organization. A team is a unit and if one of them doesn't values the others, we are doomed.

Be humble: Recognize a mistake and say I'm sorry: sometimes it is hard or complicated, but it means a lot to say these simple words when needed.

Be a constant learner: Be ready to learn from your and other's mistakes, fail fast but learn a lot.

We hope this helps in case you are in any of this situations. Remember that is up to you to change the balance of the day or week.

Never give up! And when you feel like giving up, just take a look at everything you’ve accomplished and build on that!  

Kenneth Lopez

Tekton Labs CEO


Topics: Entrepreneurship, Startup, Motivation, Culture