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Our Clients: MDI was just released and has already raised $ 770,000!

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In 2015 we started the development and released a project called MD Interconnect (MDI). MDI is a mobile and web platform aimed at Clinics that seeks to improve communication between the internal Staff and centralize all information about them and patients in the most secure and accessible way possible. Currently, MDI has raised $ 770,000 of the total offering of $ 1 million*.

What's the meaning of CEO for an Entrepreneur?

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This post is not intended for the big shots in Silicon Valley or NY, it is aimed at young entrepreneurs around the world (the real ones who are currently working on a real Startup) so they can understand that this role is as important as other roles in the company and for the good of the position and the entrepreneurs CEO=Managing Director= Chief Executive=General Manager=Principal=President but bear in mind that this does not mean the same thing in a big company, in fact all these roles will appear slowly as the company grows.

How to avoid losing any information these days

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This post can be useful for many people, especially if they have never been through this situation. In my case, I've only had 2 hard drive failures.

Creating a product with non-technical founders

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Creating a software product is a complex procedure and requires a mixture of skills to ensure smooth processes. One of them is the technical process. The goal of this post is to help non-technical founders along this path with questions that from my experience could help others when they want to build a product. Some of them failed but others were very successful.


7 Mistakes I made that Strengthened My Software Startup

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All companies are different but, often, the mistakes made in managing them are quite similar. In my case, these are the biggest mistakes I made that strengthed my software Startup and the ones that helped us grow stronger.

Startups: How to keep you motivated in tough times

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In the life cycle of everything, there are good, sad, ugly and a million types of moments. The idea is always to look at the bright side and keep going forward, even when it is really complicated. The aim of this post is to show when and why situations could turn a normal moment into a nightmare, and how, sometimes, the reasons and/or results of those situations are not bad at all but we must be able to manage all of them.