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How to avoid losing any information these days

entrepreneurship , startup , cloud storage , information 28/02/2017

This post can be useful for many people, especially if they have never been through this situation. In my case, I've only had 2 hard drive failures.

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Creating a product with non-technical founders

entrepreneurship , startup , software , development 24/02/2017

Creating a software product is a complex procedure and requires a mixture of skills to ensure smooth processes. One of them is the technical process. The goal of this post is to help non-technical...

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7 Mistakes I made that Strengthened My Software Startup

entrepreneurship , startup , culture , software , development 21/02/2017

All companies are different but, often, the mistakes made in managing them are quite similar. In my case, these are the biggest mistakes I made that strengthed my software Startup and the ones...

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Startups: How to keep you motivated in tough times

entrepreneurship , startup , motivation , culture 15/02/2017

In the life cycle of everything, there are good, sad, ugly and a million types of moments. The idea is always to look at the bright side and keep going forward, even when it is really complicated....

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