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Dreamstore: The Shop For A Better World!

Dreamstore is an innovative online platform, powered by Tekton Labs, where you and everyone around can order DreamFutures.

When you order a dream, Dreamstore empowers you to lead a crew or to join a crowd of dream-doers who transform their dreams for a better world into action.



How do those DreamFutures become real?

It all starts when you pick up a dream from the DreamFutures Gallery. Every dream is directly involved with a social initiative or looks to change something concrete in our world, country or society.

For example:

KindnessUSA2027, seeks to increase the levels of kindness perception from 25% to 80% by the year 2027.


Now you have two options, the first one is:


You can contribute to the specific movement your picked dream is attached to, in order to help fuel their initiatives. In the case of Kindness USA: “Life Vest Inside”, a non-profit dedicated to empowering the masses to engage in acts of love and kindness.

These are the initiatives developed by Life Vest Inside that your money would support:

    • The Daily Kind: A newsletter to start your day with kindness.
    • Kindness Ambassadors: A supportive global online network of individuals from over 120 countries dedicated to breaking social stigmas and learning to educate themselves and their communities to accept and embrace our inherent differences.
    • Dance for Kindness: The largest annual worldwide celebration to kick off World Kindness.
    • Project Hope Exchange: Worldwide digital collection of 30-second anonymous audio messages of hope from people who have been through an adversity to others currently facing those same adversities.
    • LVI Films: Innovative films designed to inspire people and spark a desire to become a catalyst for positive change.
    • Educational Curriculum: A unique SEL curriculum designed to easily implement the themes of kindness, compassion and empathy directly into existing school curricula.
    • Acts of Kindness Cards: Fun interactive decks with 26 different acts of kindness cards, prompting people to perform the act and pass the card to someone else.
    • Kindness Kid Productions: Designed to give students a hands-on opportunity to write, direct and edit short films emphasizing messages of kindness.
    • Rock for Kindness: A benefit concert featuring live musical performances by artists whose music aligns with the mission of kindness, unity and empowerment

By promoting these initiatives, you can help raise the level of Kindness in the world!


The second option is:


Ordering a dream is free and involves manifesting the desire for it to become a reality and the commitment to donate a certain amount of money only if Dreamstore reaches the amount of donations and/or orders in a given time, to get the resources they need to make the dream come true.

Following with the example of Kindness USA:

  1. If you decide that you want it to happen, you can commit to donating $100 in the future.
  2. The goal set by Dreamstore is to reach 1 billion dollars among all those who commit until December 2018.
  3. If they reach that goal, they will charge you the amount and with all the money raised, they will start working to make the percentage of perceived kindness increase.
  4. If they do not reach the goal set at the beginning, they will not charge you anything.


Tekton Labs has an active participation on this initiative because we are part of the co-managing team of Dreamstore. We invite you to visit the website, explore the DreamFutures Gallery and order as much dreams as you have!



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